Arun Valley Cultural Trek and Khembalung

Arun Valley is set apart with an exceptional diversity of culture as well as natural beauty.  Rai, Sherpa are the main populace residing in this region. Arun Valley on the Nepal side – is part of the blessed land of Guru Rinpoche called “Be-yul Khembalung” or the Hidden Valley. most who enter the hidden valley of Khembalung will have a vision a peaceful of a peaceful and fertile valley with room for aa settlement of 500 people. These pilgrims will receive health and long life, fertility and strength and all of their desires will be fulfilled. Though yogis trek beneath the same mouintains and enter the same lush, green valley, they also undergo a spiritual transformation on their journey to khembalung, a death and rebirth that allows them to transcend their usual state of consciousness and waken to deeper level of mind. these pilgrims experience a flash of insight into the nature of reality, a vision that is fleeting , but one that strengthens and deepens their own spiritual journey.

The trek route to Arun Valley is pretty easier and less crowded. However, we need stamina and fitness to completely appreciate the splendor of the Arun valley region most importantly witnessing the views of the terrific mountains throughout the way. More than 800 species of butterflies, over 650 species of birds, different species of animals including rare Panda residing in Makalu-Barun National Park can be spotted during the trek.

Arun Valley Cultural Trek Detail


Day 01: Arive in Kathmandu and check in hotel.

Day 02: Preparation and visit around in Kathmandu city.

Day 03: Flight to Tumlingtar and Drive to Num.

Day 04: Trek to Seduwa.

Day 05: Trek to Nurbhu Gaun.

Day 06: Trek to Walung.

Day 07: Trek to Khembalung.

Day 08:  Rest and visit a huge and the popular Religious Cave in Khembalung.

Day 09: Trek to Gongtang.

Day 10: Trek to Yangdeng( Rai Gaun).

Day 11: Trek to Bumling.

Day 12: Trek to Timlingtar.

Day 13: Flight back to Kathmandu.

Day 14: Free day in Kathmandu.

Day 15: Final departure.

Difficulty : Easy
Duration: 15 Days 
Best Seasons : Mar – May, Sep – Dec 
Highest Altitude : 3500 m


The actual cost will depend on the length of the trek (number of days ), areas you would like to trek through, number of participants, the types of activities and mode of transportation, and weight of your luggage.

Please make a group of two people and share service charge + the porter guide daily salary + as well as the porter guide daily meal cost and enjoy Trekking with your comfortable etc.

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