Paragliding in Nepal

Among many activities in Nepal, Paragliding is a new type of adventure course in Nepal. This activities is getting most popular as other major activities. Paragliding sport adventure is for the adventurous visit of Nepal with observing wonderful views of natural landscape and mountain panorama.Nepal is the second choice after Switzerland for paragliding. Pokhara is main paragliding station and other stations are being explored and other are Annapurna region etc.

Location in Nepal 

The flying season in Nepal commences from November to February, but the best months is between November and December. The gliding is offered in Mahabharat range however, the more is done in Pokhara, the beautiful lakeside town at the bottom of the Annapurna Himal. The starting point for the flight is Sarangkot (1592m), which offers great views of Fewa Lake, where the sunrise and sunset rays land in.

If you want to do paragliding, you do not need to have experience, as the qualified pilots will provide you full briefing before you launch. If you want to do paragliding why don’t let us serve you.

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